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Brum Landscape Design and ConsultingBrum Landscape Design and Consulting

Choose your own adventure

Brum Landscape Design offers many landscape design services.  As each project is unique and individual, so are our design packages.  Feel free to choose as few or as many design services as you wish.  Your personal investment is important to us and we work hard for you to get you landscape consulting you need.


Initial Consultation

 First we would like to meet with you to get an overview of your landscape project.  We listen carefully to your needs and wants and work very closely with you create a Landscape Design that is personally yours! 


Sketch Phase

Enjoy the possibilities............................

 Don't know where to begin with your design?  Do you need backyard ideas? Or maybe you are working on your curb appeal.  You can now be more involved in the preliminary sketch phase by purchasing as many design sketches you wish that range in several design styles or elements. You choose how many designs you would like to see and we will meet again to review the possibilities and combine the attributes that you enjoy the most into one amazing Concept!

3D Designs

Brum Landscape Design is proud to present our newest Design Feature, 3D Fly Throughs.  Fully imagine and immerse yourself in our new landscape design services before you move one grain of dirt.  Spend time with us in the 3D program and adjust your design in real time.  

Check out or YouTube Channel and enjoy great new design ideas! 


CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)

Conceptual CAD Designs

 Once we have a really strong concept we can now start to incorporate the CAD Design Phase.  Scaled drawings are now created defining the design implementation and assist in cost projections.   Because landscape design services implements CAD, revisions are easy.  One free revision is included in each CAD Phase, but feel free to continue revising for as long as you wish.  We are happy to help.  This completed plan is perfect for getting the installation quote process started.  

NEED HOA PLANS?  HOA Review Boards love professional submittals!  We work with you to comply with all HOA Requirements to get you approved faster and easier.  We are happy to offer free revisions in regards to HOA comments or changes to covenants.

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Color Concepts

Color Concept CAD Design

Using your approved black and white concept plan, color concepts add more interest and visibility by utilizing shading and textures that help to see design elements in a more realistic, true form.  



Black and White CAD

Black and White CAD

Black and White CAD


Color CAD

Black and White CAD

Black and White CAD


Planting Plans

Planting Plans

Finish your concept plans with a Planting Plan and Plant Photo Package.  These landscape design services represent your personal plant pallet with their locations based off of the approved CAD Concept plans.  A free revision is provided in the phase as well.  Maybe you don't like one or more of the plants we chose, so we are happy to talk about your thoughts and find suitable replacements for you.  :-)


Lighting Plans

Lighting plans

 Daytime isn't the only time to enjoy your new landscape.  Whether you are looking to light up a specific feature like trees or water falls, or you are looking for path lighting for safety and aesthetics, as your landscape designer we would love to show you the possibilities. 

As each project is unique, and so are the required hours to devote to it.  Your landscape project will be quoted based on the hours we believe it will take to complete your design.  

Each quote is a flat fee, with no surprise charges.  

As your landscape designer we are always happy to discuss additional design requests at any time.